Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world!

We may all have emotional battles and such things that haunt us yet is'nt it well for us that we have such time to dwell on the past because our present is so comfortable,,, give a thought for those who are constant , I respect my time reflecting and try to express in my present the substance of my own life, be it hurtful or joyful that we feel is proof that we are alive and aware, That we have time to reflect on those feelings is a perhaps luxury, For many the road is constant and time for expression of little importance next to survival. So it is with that in mind I value both art and culture together for one is not without the other, May the many who are learning now find their way and the time to express , As our time is now may we not waist such an understanding.

The process and concept of my own work is born of the inspiration and skills given by many good friends and people that have blessed my paths with their presence , in turn giving me something worthwhile to pass on in my own way as they did in theirs. To begin a piece is to say there was a start to the process , where as in reality there is no point at which I could say “That this is where the idea started" in actuality the idea itself is an accumulation of many ideas gained through experience and technique ,as an artist portraying the expressions that are the essence of myself . I could not say there is singular meaning to my work , I would like to think that no matter how much I make an expression portray itself in its true and honest meaning , that it will always be a different expression taken by the artist that views it ,"artist" because we are all in our own right artists and the images and expression we perceive are the accumulation of our own make up.

"to leave a lasting impression"

"to release and free the creative flow that is to move people"

"to see the value and wonder of life, the reason for life".