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"There is no doubt in true happiness" And no doubt there is no true happiness without love. put love first and the rest will fall into place perfectly" ~J,O'Dea 2016

Some people go to events to learn ... So do I !"
and listen with my heart whole ,,,
nor do i ever have to ask
"Is there such a place as Heaven - j,odea 

Many steps to a mile
many miles to a journey
many journeys in one life
one step at a time. ~ jodea

Short poem by J.O'Dea 2016

Whats love but a foolish notion lapping the shore 
like a wave from an ocean 
The minds hustles muffled by the hearts louder beat
move forward or retreat

On rocks she danced now tears to an eye
to be thrown to the sand by way of the sky 
like wind on cold cheeks to let love pass on
never right written in poem or song,

A foolish notion but a man now alive 
once hidden and closed by the beatings of life 
fresh on the wing like and eagle in song 
to glide the calm water 
to know its not wrong

Short film by Kamil Krolak


Kamil Krolak is a huge tallent with so much to give as an artist in his own right and has taken his time to portray here in this short 6 minuit film a small part of what it is that "art" means to myself as a person and as an artist .to watch this film now see my YouTube Cannel via link 


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  • I do hold a paypal account for both SALES & DONATIONS and find this a safe way to conduct transactions online where funding is concerned 
  • As an artist i also accept donations. If you have simply enjoyed my work and wish to contribute something to help me keep doing what i do ! it is certainly very much appreciate.
  • Alternatively you can call by phone or skype and arrange other means that may be more suitable for you

You Are Welcome To Experience The Art Of Jeremiah O'Dea

Motivation and confidence are both necessary components in a creative
person's attitude. Confidence in my self ability to hold a steady hand
is concentration to a point of meditation. As my life has been
unfolding, I have always kept an open heart and open mind, my road a
humble one and not without adventure, hard times that would crush a
man's heart, and good times that when told are seldom believed. Through
travel and work, through music and art, the people that I have taken
notice of are those that come from the heart.

Understanding Expression

"To begin a piece is to say there was a start to the process, where as in
reality there is no point at which I could say “that is where the idea
came from” and “this is where started from”. In acuality the idea itself
may have been an acummilation of many ideas born through experience and
technique, as an artist portraying the expressions that are the essence
of myself I could not say there is singular meaning to my work, I would
like to think that no matter how much I make an expression portray

The Timing of Silence

One night as i wondered through the streets of Prague over the
bridge passed its
watchers and wisher , through the alley ways and windings , across the
cobbles and under the arches where few steps are heard this hour .Only
the mist hanging low in the cold air stirred around my feet as i walked
the cold biting my fingers through to the bone, my frozen breath
melting into the air , the dead silence in the age old city i hear not
a whisper no sound at all ,no sound at all , in this moment there is

A Fisherman Blue (true short-story)

An evening in late July brought me to a much frequented fishing spot on lough Grannes near a town called Dunmannway in West County Cork. After getting my rods I began to relax into my surroundings. An hour or so went by and the evening drew on. Fishing was better in the early mornings or late evenings though it was no trouble to sit all day without a single bite and so often was the time I did. I sat in contemplation for while quite content with the waiting of the rise hearing a rustle from the bushes behind me.


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