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Motivation and confidence are both necessary components in a creative person's attitude. Confidence in my self ability to hold a steady hand is concentration to a point of meditation. As my life has been unfolding I have always kept an open heart and open mind, my road a humble one and not without adventure, hard times that would crush a man's heart, and good times that when told are seldom believed. Through travel and work, through music and art the people that I have taken notice of are those that come from the heart. The reason I keep in my heart the many who have lent something to shaping me is to remain aware of who I am myself. The expressions and inspirations that envelope me I portray in my work as a story that has no start or end just a message. Leaving a good mark to set example for whoever may be inspired or moved by any part of myself is for me payment in kind , you could say it is a form of "pay it forward" in art ,, . 

To fill the spirit and mind with creativeness and work at something of my own making is to live contently. In some way when all said and done it is my desire to have left a small word of thanks and respect to this world that others will see great value and depth toward life. "A steady hand needs a steady heart".