"Friend Compass"

Drawn and inspired from my time working a fishing trawler as a young man starting out in lifeĀ  , the four Celtic dragons pointing north east south and west to show the fury of the Atlantic ocean off the Irish west coast , my hand in the center holding the circle is to respect the friendship and trust of the five men who worked along side me, each in turn trusting his life in the hands of another every moment of every day , forever etched in my heart and mind are those days for the potency of life that was to awaken my awareness and humble my ego forever ,one day i will find the words to describe the shiver that runs down your spine when the sea decides to show its awesome power, holding onto a side rail on deck looking up at 50/60 foot waves crashing down on you ,thrown from one side of the deck to another as the boat is battered and tossed, no land in sight, the sky black like coal , the wind icy sharp and unforgiving as it cuts through to the bone ,no family here, this is life and its just about to show you something ,, to find a moment in that time to realize just how small you are and just how tight you must hold on ! just how important that grip is when there is no help out there save the friend standing next to you , humble to a point of submission and grateful for the life lesson that stands me here .

Hand carved out of Marmoleum Lino , an original artwork
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