Fly fishing the large lime stone loughs of western Ireland .. Traditional techniques like dapping live mayfly brings some of the bigger fish up to gorge on the feast of fly hatching through out the early spring and summer months , with spectactular rural scenery and wildderness supream it has to be among the finest fishing anywhere in the world . 

There's an old proverb which avows that "The gods do not deduct from one's allotted span the time spent fishing" and indeed as any angler will relate there are times when it certainly feels that this could be true. There's good therapy in angling, that was recognized as far back as 1486 when Dame Juliana Berners published her "Tretyse on fysshyng wyth an Angle" [Treatise on Fishing with An Angle], and quoting a proverb of Solomon, which states that "A good spirit makes a flowering age [a long life], she suggests the sports that will help us attain that are " Haukyng [Hawking], Huntyng [Hunting], Fyshyng [Fishing] and Foulyng [Fowling], but that Fishing is by far the best of these.

size ; 111cm x 81cm 

framed and mounted to the highest standard 

Hand carved out of Marmoleum , an original artwork
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