Callendario Azteca II

Calendario Azteca II  Hand drawn and Carved into Marmoleum lino ,, This is a one of a kind exact representation of the acient mayan or aztec callendar , said to depict the coming of the ages and aslo said to run out on the 12/12/2012 this does not as rumore might have it mark the begining of the end of the world,more it is simply marking the turning of an age , moving from our current age into an age of infomation and collective knowledge , the age of awareness perhaps. each line is carved by hand , each detail and circle carved by hand then releaf carved to create the image or section / design the black stain in the carving is made up of layers of old chinese caligraphy ink , as a solid block it was meted down and disolved to create the Dye and then layered onto the carved sections of the callendar , this is then polished by gently dabbing on diluted layers of polish until the surface is completely sealed , then a high shine hardener is used to protect the design and overall detail of the piece making it timeless ... and no longer a sheet carving but a work in itself of mixed media please forgive the poor quality photo , i will bring a hd finished picture very soon . thank you for your pacients but due to size and lighting its dificult to do the piece justice in photo form. you are welcome to visit my facebook (jeremiah odea) for more pictures and YouTube video on this piece (youtube recomended ) see channel ; Jaruha1 or see the piece getting made

size ; 130cm x 130cm Hand carved in Marmoleum & Ink dyed
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