A tribute to a very kind and good friend now passed on . the piece is simply called "Dave" A poem i wrote some time ago seem's fitting to accompany this piece , first scribbled into the front page of my "pocket atlas&encyclopedia of the world" back in 1993 while travelng Europe hitching and busking , i was in the city of Amsterdam in Holland at the time of writing it.I still have the book to this day with all its scribbles and notes

Man Walking .  

If i were to travel every road on this earth would i learn all there is to know                                                                                                                                                                 would i quench my thirst  ?

No !

    If i were to travel every road in this world twice

      or a thousand times

        would i then know all  ?

          No !

            So i shall travel one road ,

              my road

                and with me i will take my heart for companionship

                  i will learn my heart for my heart knows all .

                  by j.odea 1993

                  Hand carved marmoleum , mixed media, An original artwork
                  for sale: