"Nicciahs Labyrinth"

The pentagram star represents the universal energy that brings life to each and very creature, particularly the dance of Venus the goddess of love that draws the pentagram as it moves along its orbit, the knot work in the center is that of the spirits continues thirst for peace , outer knot work on the ink black background is of the chaos & darkness that ever present surrounds us pushing us towards that peace and love within finding strength and direction as we travel our way along this golden path of life ...
Red for the life blood coursing through every vein ,
gold for the breath unconditionally gifted to us for the duration of our journey
black creating the balance so as to recognize the life light we share
the intention of this piece is to award those who make a special selfless impact on making difference towards a better world... and so its really for everyone
though i made it it does not belong to me .
A Powerful energy came through me to create this piece for a good reason and though its path has now changed the energy remains , thus i i hold faith that it has a great destination yet to be revealed me.~J.O'Dea

medium .,; mixed 

size ; 75.5cm x 83.5cm 



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