"The Beat Goes On"

"The Beat Goes On"piece done 2009 - 2011 on commission by a USA client . here is what she wrote ;

"When I saw Mr. O'Dea's work, There was
A question I was asking myself , and in his work was the answer.

Mr. O'Dea has been nothing but a pleasure to do business with. Even though it was an
international transaction, I had no apprehension in working with him. He
took the time to find out about the person for whom he was creating the
piece. He was able to take what my friend told him and translate it
into a work of art which is unique and shall be cherished forever. Mr.
O'Dea's art is intriguing, passionately made, and of the highest
quality in craftsmanship. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again.
In fact I plan to do so..    JaNette B. Orendach, Esq.

This piece then went to auction on behalf of my client and raised enough funds to help build a school in India for under privaledged children whom other wise might not have the chance to learn and belong ,, a life long ambition of mine is to have contributed in such a way though it would not have been possible without the help of both the client and the Scoop Foundation Dublin who took the piece to auction and did the work nessasary to acomplish such a goal, 

Hand carved out of Marmoleum Lino ,SOLD
for sale: